Las Terrazas

2018 single family house

Implanted on the traditional stone terraces of the Ibiza countryside, the volumes are arranged in such a way that they adapt to the original topography of the land.

Es Casament

In the manner of the traditional Ibizan house, located on the edge of the wooded area and the fields, the volumes that integrate the different rooms go uphill forming a unitary whole and integrated with the vegetation that surrounds them.


A bench runs transversally, shaping the terrain, on which the concept of the dwelling rests and supports it to configure the built-up complex. It first gives shape to the entrance, defines the living-dining room area, allowing the vegetation to invade it on the back side, and extends further on to the exterior terraces.
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Project Director: Pep Torres

Project Team: Planas & Torres

Situation: Sant Josep

Project date: 2009

Construction date: 2018

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