Vista Alegre 3

2014 single family house

In the area of Vista Alegre, property with impressive views to the coast of Porroig.

Topographically conditioned

The house is accessed from the upper level, where the living, kitchen and dining areas are located. Following the topography of the land, the different levels follow one after the other until reaching the swimming pool and solarium annex, which also has a large living-dining area with kitchen.

Open to the landscape

The house is literally clinging to the cliff and is completely open to the sun and the immediate landscape of the south coast of Ibiza, with sliding wooden slatted shutters that provide a minimum of protection and privacy wherever it is desired.
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Project Director: Pep Torres

Project Team: Planas & Torres

Situation: Vista Alegre. Sant Josep

Project date: 2010

Construction date: 2014

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