Can Cardonet

2018 single family house

The terraces gradually slope downwards, uncultivable land, facing south: this is where the new house is built.


The walls of the building are whitewashed and are combined with other reddish stone walls that define some of the rooms. The ceilings are the maximum expression of the desire to resort to traditional Ibizan architecture, which is why the sabina beams and, in some parts, the olive tree tajell impregnate the whole house. The house combines sober lines with open and interconnected spaces.

Sum of volumes

The building is a sum of volumes that are interspersed and always give rise to the generation of porches and enclosed spaces, thus maximising the constant interrelation of the interior with the exterior, which is enhanced by the reconstructed stone terraces and the planting of olive trees.
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Project Director: Pep Torres

Project Team: Planas & Torres

Situation: Sant Rafel

Project date: 2014

Construction date: 2018

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