Casa M+L

2011 single family house

The orientation and the views of Dalt Vila and Formentera generated the development of the project and its final formulation.


The house is developed on a single floor, except for the west end where the topography made it possible to have a basement floor for the garage and technical rooms, and in a totally linear manner. Wall almost blind to the street, glazed enclosure, porch on the entire front and swimming pool, all on planes parallel to the street.


Exposed concrete dominates the entire building, from the entrance to the garden wall. From the roof to the porch slab. The microcement of the paving both inside and outside unifies all the spaces and gives them continuity. The singularity is complemented by the total glazing of the south face and the steel of the pillars.
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Project Director: pep torres

Project Team: planas-torres

Situation: santa eulalia

Project date: 2008

Construction date: 2011

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