Vista Alegre 1

2010 single family house

The stone paving, the steel pillars, the exposed concrete, the interior height and the large glass surfaces framing the landscape would be the defining elements of the project.


The dwelling is planned on two differentiated, non-overlapping levels. The upper one, at street level, is the access level, where there is a large living-dining-kitchen area. The bedrooms are located on the lower level. This allows the outdoor terrace-solarium and the swimming pool to be located on the roof of the bedrooms, which magnifies the sensation of spaciousness and open space as it becomes a natural extension and at the same level as the interior living areas.


The upper level has a height of four metres, which means that the porch that covers the entire south front frees up a strip of glass on its upper face that extends around the entire perimeter. The façade to the street is almost completely blind except for this glazed strip, which is doubled on the lower face of the concrete slab, thus facilitating the encounter of the enclosure with the slab.
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Project Director: pep torres

Project Team: planas-torres

Situation: vista alegre. sant josep

Project date: 2007

Construction date: 2010

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