Sa Serra

2018 Single family house

Transparency dominates the spaces; extending them outwards and onto the exterior, and expanding their very magnitude.


Where interior ends and exterior begins is a true enigma. There is continuity flowing among the paving, the walls, the glazed perimeter, and the space above the service areas.

Floating in space

Enclosed volumes delineate the private areas, and their roof extends out to the exterior, as if floating in an embrace as it defines the outside areas. Levels are adapted to the topography and shape of the terraced perimeter surrounding the swimming pool. The architecture is recreational and eclectic, aiming to both move and perturb the observer. Truly Mediterranean and seductive, the building is an unprecedented evolution on the quintessential Ibizan house.
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Project Director: Pep Torres

Project Team: Planas & Torres

Situation: Sant Agusti des Vedra

Project date: 2011

Construction date: 2018

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