Vista Alegre 2

2009 Single family house

A complete range of sensations at this villa on the Ibizan coast.


Comfort and pleasurable sensations arise from a fusion of the waters of the sea and pool, the light and modern ambience of the house, its architectural forms and pure lines. A complacency that is perpetuated by panoramic views from the terrace out across to Porroig, Salinas and Formentera in the background.

Extensive porch areas

The main floor of the building was lowered to create a new platform, and create the living areas, both on the exterior and interior, extensive porch areas, and the location of the swimming pool with a generous solarium.
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Project Director: Pep Torres

Project Team: Planas & Torres

Situation: Vista Alegre. Sant Josep

Project date: 2006

Construction date: 2009

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